Sunday, March 8, 2009

Which Banquette Is Your Favorite?

Having a banquette area around your breakfast table or
even around your dining room table creates a wonderful gathering place for friends and family. This arrangement provides a perfect place to work on your laptop, handle correspondence, and even help your children with homework. Please leave me a comment and tell me which banquette you find most appealing?
Wouldn't you like to spend your morning sipping coffee or tea, eating a healthy breakfast, and reading the morning newspapers seated in a cozy banquette like the one in the photo to the right? Aren't the plump seat cushions beckoning you to come sit down?And what about the black and white photos on the wall; isn't that a great decorative accessory to the room? (1)

The use of a sofa in this furniture arrangement gives the cozy look of a banquette. (2)

When using sconces on the wall behind a banquette bench consider the height they are hung and the shape to prevent someone from hitting their head. (3)

Becareful not to make your bench too long if you are only using one table. It will require quite a bit of "schooching" over for the person sitting in the center of the bench. It will also inconvience several people in order for that person to get up from the table. A good option for a long bench is to use two tables. (4)
This bench serves as both a window seat as well as a seating area for meals. (5)

A corner bench provides easy access to and from the table. It also can make quite a statement of color if using bright fabric on the bench and back cushions as well as on the pillows. (6)

This seating arrangement has a free standing bench across from the banquette bench instead of chairs. (7)

This corner banquette bench makes a strong decorative statement with the pillows and decorative accessories hanging on the wall. Keep in mind the item and the height it is hung on the wall making sure a persons head or back will not hit the item. (8)

An interesting look is this bench which appears to be built into the curve of the island. (9)

I love the drawer coming out from the side of this banquette bench and the cabinet doors on the back side of the back of the banquette bench. Great storage with easy access. (10)

This banquette in the photo at right has a cabinet door built into the side of it. I assume there is storage under the seat cushions. (11)
Photo from Beautiful Kitchens Magazine 2008

This window seat in the photo to the left can double as a banquette bench if the table is pulled in front of it creating more seating around the table. (12)

Mistakes to Avoid
1. Consider the "schooching" distance when determining the size and shape of your banquette bench.
2. Make sure a person sitting in the banquette will not hit their head on a sconce or decorative wall hanging.
3. If hanging a chandlier or pendant, take extra care in figuring out how far from the bench the table will be located so that the hanging fixture will be centered on the table.
4. There is valuable storage space under the bench, make use of it.
5. Make sure the finished height of the bench with cushions will be comfortable when eating a meal.
6. Make sure the depth of the bench is a comfortable fit when seated. Don't forget to allow for the thickness of the back cushions.
7. Pay attention to sunrise and sunset and how the sun's rays will affect people sitting at the table. Make sure you plan for proper window treatments if necessary.
8. If you will be plugging in your laptop or an adding machine, plan for an easy assessible outlet.
9. When deciding on your window treatment, make sure you will not have to climb over the banquette bench in order to open or close your shutters, shades, etc.
(Photos used in this blog are tear sheets I have collected for years from various magazines. Unfortunately, I did not note on each picture from which magazine it was taken. I will be happy to give credit to the appropriate magazine or remove the photo if contacted.)


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Wishing you only the best as you are so deserving. Love, Bella

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