Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bath Tub Series: Part One

Whether you are remodeling a bathroom, adding a bathroom onto your home, or building a new home, you will find there are many decisions to be made regarding your bath tub. I will be posting a series of blogs to present the many choices and options regarding the bath tub.

Bath Tub: Part One
There are many different applications for installing a bath tub depending on the type of bath tub you select. The standard application is for a bath tub to be placed on the floor surrounded by three walls with tile or stone installed up the wall. This scenario can be a bath tub only or a bath tub shower combination when a shower head is added. See photo below.

(Photo from boo Bathrooms by Chris Casson Madden, page 69)
Another application is for a bath tub that is mounted below the floor as shown in the next two photos. In the first photo, the bath tub is custom made. In the second photo, the bath tub is mounted underneath the stone on the floor.

(Photo in book Villa Decor by Betty Lou Phillips, page 130)

(Photo in book Bathrooms by House Beautiful 1999 page 69)

Dropping a bath tub into a tub deck is yet another way to install a bath tub. The lip of the bath tub is placed on top of the deck surface as shown in the photo above and below.

Bath tubs can also be mounted into a tub deck underneath the deck surface. This is demonstrated in the photo above and below.

There are also free standing bath tubs options to consider. Below is a free standing bath tub on feet.

(Photo from the book Bathrooms by House Beautiful 1999, page 69)

(Photo from Trend Magazine)

Other free standing bath tub options include a bath tub that sits on it's own tub bottom. Examples are shown in the photo above and below.

(Photo in the book Bathrooms by House Beautiful 1999, page 143)

A free standing bath tub can also sit on a platform as shown in the above photo.

Yet another way to install a bath tub is to drop it into a stand as shown above.

In the photo above and the two photos below are free standing bath tubs surrounded by a tile apron or a decorative wood apron.

(Photo from magazine Dream Baths 2006)

(The source of some photos used in this blog is unknown. If you would kindly provide the source, I will add it or if you prefer, I will remove the photo. )


modernemama said...

We will be remodeling a bathroom that has a newish full-size half-sunken bath. While my heart says go with something like #9, my practical side says leave the tub - it's in great condition and it opens up the small space - a free-standing tub may make the room feel claustrophobic. So many decisions...

Renee Finberg said...

love the wood paneled tubs

xx happy easter

Susan Lang @ Designing Your Dream Home said...

Stay tuned, I have more bath tub photos in upcoming blogs! ...susan

Patricia Gray said...

What a great round up of tubs. They really are the focal point of a bathroom, so it is important to get it right.
Have a great weekend.

Cote de Texas said...

What a fabulous blog - the best I've seen in quite some time. Bookmarking you !!!

Susan Lang @ Designing Your Dream Home said...

cote de texas, your glowing comments have sent shock waves through me! Thanks!!! ...susan

Anonymous said...

We just finished remodeling our bathroom after adding a hot tub and I am looking for ideas for redecorating it. These pictures are perfect! Thanks for posting them!