Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Staircase Railings: Mistakes to Avoid-I forgot this one!

Hi! I just realized I forgot to mention an important mistake to avoid in my previous post.  Please forgive me!

Make sure the design of the staircase railing will allow you to install a child’s safety gate at both the upper and lower level of the staircase to prevent children from climbing the stairs.  Many parents and grandparents use a removable gate.  These gates are also used to prevent dogs from going up or down the stairs.

An alternative to the removable child’s safety gate is to have a custom gate made to match the staircase railing. When not in use and left open against the wall, this gate can be a decorative element to the staircase.

The custom decorative gate works well if you are hosting any type of open house or party and you do not want guests going upstairs.


Rebecca said...

When our grandson was a bit over one and they came for a visit we got out our gate. Our stairway is open for the first six steps. We put the gate on the second step and this would keep him from climbing the stairway. When he napped we would remove the gate. One day we forgot to put the gate back in place after he got up. That little guy proceeded to try to put the gate back in place all by himself.