Thursday, May 7, 2009

Using Your Jewelry as a Decorative Accessory

If you have some fabulous pieces of costume jewelry (I don’t recommend using the real stuff as it just would not be safe), why not use those pieces as a decorative accessory in your bedroom, bathroom, or closet? What’s more, these ideas shown in the photos below will help remind you of what you have… (aren’t we all guilty of forgetting about some of our pieces that are tucked away in a box in a drawer?)…give easy access to those piece…(aren’t you sometimes in a hurry and don’t have time to dig for the piece you want to wear then throughout the evening you wish you had it on?) … and give you a place to store your jewelry (isn’t this a better option than being hidden away in a drawer or jewelry box?).  I have a few pieces of costume jewelry that were my mother’s and I would love to be able to see them on a wall or on a mannequin. This is on my “to do” list.

Now I must confess this was not my idea. My friend Loicka in Jackson, Mississippi did this in her bedroom. She bought two shadow boxes from the crafts store.  She added some padding covered with  fabric to the back of the box. Then she hung some of her interesting and colorful jewelry to the box and hung both boxes on her wall.  The fabric in the back of the box allows you to customize the color you want to use and the padding gives the pins used to mount the jewelry something to stick into.  You have a choice of hanging the boxes vertically or horizontally.


Once hung, the boxes look like a piece of art on the wall. Notice below the glass cover is hinged and can easily be opened when you want to wear a piece. 


Another great idea is to use a mannequin as a design element and a place to store necklaces, bracelets, belts, scarves, headbands, and even a couple of handbags if you were to use a mannequin with arms and hands…oh and if the hand has fingers, you can add some rings.   You might even add a hat. I like the idea of grouping three in the corner.  The stand on which the mannequin rests could be custom-made of wood, iron, or some other material of your liking.  (Source of photo unknown)IMG_0001

Below:  How cool are these 18-inch miniature mannequins that can be placed on a dresser or other piece of furniture, bathroom counter, or even on a ledge in your closet?  According to the article in House & Garden November 1999, (yes, I have tear sheets that old and older!) these belonged to Houston Philanthropist Linda Finger who created jewelry from vintage tassels and ribbons and has dressed these mannequins in antique garments. She was known to use these as centerpieces at her dinner parties. 

IMG_0002This post will not be followed with the usual Mistakes to Avoid post. However, if you are remodeling or building your dream home and plan to use any of these ideas, be sure to illuminate the mannequin(s) with a spot light. Be careful illuminating the shadow boxes as you want to make sure it does not reflect off the glass.

Leigh from Australia has the blog The Brabourne Farm and she recently did a post on mannequins. Click here to check it out.

BTW: I am traveling the next eight days and I will have limited opportunity to use my computer. I may not be able to publish a post next week, but will try my best.

First, I am headed to Greenville, SC to be there with my daughter who is having surgery to repair veins in her leg from back-to-back pregnancies. Please pray that the surgery is successful, her pain will be manageable, and her recovery will be swift. (thanks)  The silver lining is I will be spending time with my two youngest grandbabies, Allie who will be two in July and Blake who will be one in July. 

From Greenville, I go to the small town of  Monterey, TN which is located on the Cumberland Plateau 80 miles east of Nashville. My neighbor, who is an international floral designer, has offered to do a floral demonstration for my friend who is hosting the Monterey Garden Club. Some of the surrounding area garden clubs have been invited to attend. I will take photos and do a post for all of you to see his talents and life in a small town on the “Plateau”.

I return to Nashville long enough to grab my luggage and catch a flight to New York City. I am attending a three day Biosignature Seminar which is on nutrition and fat storage hosted by Coach Charles Poliquin. Coach Poliquin is a strength and conditioning coach who has medaled more Olympic athletes than any other coach in the world. These athletes performed in 17 different Olympic sports. He also works with professional athletes. I met Coach Poliquin in Nashville two years ago and assisted him in a 3-day, 125 patient study he conducted on fat storage in the body. I promise to create a post on what I learn that might benefit you.


Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Enjoy your travels, and spending time with your grandbabies! I hope all goes well with your daughter's surgery, too.

Julie said...

I saw some old pieces made into stunning napkin rings for a formal dinner.

Anonymous said...

How exciting! I will definitely keep her in my prayers and you ... for safe travels. Have a great time!

Leigh said...

Love the ideas for displaying jewellery - now all I need is some lovely bling! Thank you for linking to my blog. Hope all goes well with your daughter and you have a nice time travelling.


Vimsingen said...

Your Swedish is not perfect? :)

I hope you donot mind if I link to your blogg.

Misti said...

Hey Susan- You know I always love your ideas! Hope you have a wonderful trip. When you come back let me know how I can get your book button on my blog. You know I need you there!