Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mountain Homes- Bars, Wine Cellars, & Game Room

Welcome to my Carolina Mountain Home Series Part 3. This post will feature a bar, a wine cellar, and a game room in homes built by my son-in-law, Ray Foral, (his company is Ridgeline Construction Group out of Greenville, SC) in The Cliff’s Communities. To view part 1, click here and for part 2, click here.


^Though at first glance one might think this is a kitchen but in fact it is a bar. Those glass front black cabinets are filled with whiskey bottles. Party time!


^I find this wine cellar to be tasteful. Beautiful rich wood and lots of wine bottle storage. Though the photo does not show two of the walls, I hope they have a sink as well as a place for wine glasses. I also hope they have some drawers to hold cocktail napkins, wine openers, and other accessories as well as a pullout trash can.


^The thin counter along the wall with bar stools is very good idea so those playing pool have a place to rest their beverage. It also gives those people watching a place to put their beverages. The room is generous in size so that those playing pool do not feel crowded.  I love the heavy timber beam in the ceiling and the large window panes. I would have preferred seeing the wall mounted phone, light switches, and other switches located under and to the right of the pool stick storage racks on another wall and in a cream finish as opposed to white.  

I still have a couple more posts in this series, so please come back. Let me know what you think of these three rooms!  Blessings.  ..susan

PS  Thanks for all of the speedy recovery and get well wishes. Surgery on Tuesday was successful. In fact, my surgeon told my friend he was quite proud of himself. He said it was more complicated and invasive than the other ear and the amount of pain I am having definitely supports that point. His first degree was in engineering and then he decided to attend medical school. Sounds like his engineering mind came into play. With each heart beat, I am healing. There were times during these past couple of months that I did not know when it would all end and now I see an end in sight! God is good.



Design Esquire said...

I am so glad to hear that you are on the mend. I hope you can put all of this behind you very soon.

These rooms are stunning. That bar is insane! My husband would LOVE all of these rooms. If we had spaces like those, I suspect his friends would come live with us during football season. I just love all these rooms. Great post!

Zuniga Interiors Design Studio said...

THANK YOU for your e mail! So glad to hear you are doing better. Still thinking of you and praying for you! Love your beautiful posts! So interesting too! Take Care!


Anonymous said...

Yes ma'am ... God is good! I'm so glad you are recovering well and I'm quite enjoying these recent posts! I agree with everything ... especially the comment about the color of the phone and switches! Have a wonderful weekend!

Kelly at Kitchen Sync said...

Those are some stunning rooms; I'm stuck imagining myself having a drink or shooting pool!

Glad you're on the mend. Be well.