Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Finally you have moved in, the moment of truth...

Welcome to my blog! I'm breaking out of my comfort zone and starting this blog to share some of my best information about designing a home. I'm a first-time author. My book, Designing Your Dream Home, is a resource for people who are designing a home or going through renovations. With this blog, I'll be sharing tips from the book and (hopefully) providing great dialogue to help you in case you're in that boat. I'll do my best not to shove the book down your throat, but know that my book is my baby and I'm passionate about the information within its pages. I'm a home design consultant specializing in assisting a homeowner in identifying their needs, wants, and desires so that their home will be functional yet beautiful. Please be forgiving as I muddle through and learn about blogging. I'd also appreciate feedback, so leave comments and let me know what areas that interest you!

So, you have spent a year, two years, or even longer planning and building your dream home. Finally you have moved in and you face the moment of truth, "Does my new home function like I envisioned or did I even think about the function?"

The moment of truth hits you in the face as you reach for a light switch in the dark and it is not there. You think, oh my goodness, why is the light switch not on this wall? All of a sudden you feel panicked wondering what other mistakes have been made? There is a group of light switches ganged together and the order of the switches makes no sense to you as you keep flipping switches trying to find the one you want to turn on. You walk into a dark room reaching for a light switch only to realize it was mounted on the wall behind the door. Is it possible that each time you want to turn on the light you will have to close the door and reach around to find the light switch? Maybe you want to plug in something and there is no outlet in the area. You have received a beautiful house warming floral arrangement that you place on your dining room table only to realize the chandelier is not centered on the table. Perhaps you go to the entertainment center and open a door to turn on your stereo system only to realize it is too dark to read the buttons on the receiver. You have three things (lamp, cordless phone base, alarm clock) you wish to plug into the duplex outlet by your bed. You ask yourself, why didn't I put a quad outlet there?

These are just a few residential electrical plan mistakes that could have been avoided. I will share more in other blogs! Share yours with me! Thanks for reading. ...susan


Laura said...

Yay! You posted. I'm so glad I could be the first to leave a comment.

Jennifer Womble said...

I'm so excited to see you blogging! I can't wait to come back time and again for great advice and home building tips!