Wednesday, February 4, 2009

He moved his family due to a light switch!

I love talking to people about the home in which they live. I cannot begin to estimate the number of times I have asked the question "What are the five things you like about your home and what are the five things you would want changed?" Or if someone has just built a home or remodeled, I would ask "What are the five things you are glad you did and what are the five things you wish you had done differently?" It is from these questions and the answers to these questions that I have learned a great deal about designing a functional home.

One day recently, I was on a cardio machine at the gym, chatting with a new friend on the machine next to me. He told me a story about one home where he and his family had lived . He came downstairs one night to check on a noise that had awakened him. As he got to the bottom step of the stairs, he could not find a light switch to turn on a light in the den which he entered from the stairs. He was tripping over toys as he walked in the dark trying to find a light switch to turn on. He finally found it across the room. After several more trips entering the den in the dark, the frustration and danger of not having a light switch in a convenient location caused him to put his home on the market and move!

Have you or any one you know ever moved from their home due to a functional design flaw that got on their last nerve? Please share the story! ...susan


sonny said...

susan.....i need you to help me with my living room.....

no...i really do...