Monday, February 16, 2009

Utility Use Decisions You Need to Make Before Meeting With Your Architect

First, you need to identify which utility companies provide their particular utility to your property and at what cost. Hopefully during the due diligence process before purchasing your land this information was presented. Next, you need to determine how you will use each utitilty in the home you want to build.

Will you use natural gas for heating, hot water, stove top/range top, oven, dryer, fireplaces, fire pit, grill, swimming pool, lap pool, hot tub, exterior lanterns, exterior lamp posts, or other.

Will you use the cable for your internet connection and television? If so, which rooms or areas in and around your home will need access to the cable?

What telephone service will you use? Which rooms or areas in and around your home will need access to the phone line?

Will you want to bury the electrical wires on your property? What areas away from your home will need electrical power? Will you need more than one electric meter?

Will you need water lines to go to areas on your property other than your home? Will you need a second water meter for your lawn sprinkler system, your swimming pool, or other water feature that does not involve sewer so that you will not be charged the sewer portion of your water bill?

Does the size of the home you plan to build require special water features such as a sprinkler system or fire hose hook up required by the codes department?

Knowing the answers to the these utility questions before meeting with your architect is a plus!

You will find a checklist with some of this information on page 72 in my book, Designing Your Dream Home, plus other related information throughout the book. ...Susan Lang