Thursday, June 11, 2009

Decorative Screens

Welcome!  I am so excited about this post because of the diverse array of decorative screen photos I have accumulated and I am sharing with you! Although decorative screens do have a functional purpose when used for privacy to  “screen” out an area in the home, or as a headboard in a bedroom, or used as a bulletin or photo board, more often than not they are used for aesthetic purposes only.  They make a great statement when hung on a wall as a piece of art. I also love when they are used as an accent piece in the corner of a room. 

Screens are wonderful design piece because of their versatility. They can be tall or short, solid or see-thru, two panels or many panels, narrow panels or wide panels, fabric covered, iron, mirrored, or wood that is painted or stained.  Their versatility also extends in their uses and mobility. 

Please scroll on down and enjoy looking at the screens!


I put this one first because it is my favorite, though I must admit there are many other screens that I adore.

^House Beautiful


I cannot tell if this is a dark piece of wood or a piece of leather (I would really like it in leatherinset into a beautiful wood frame). Don’t you think it makes a grand statement against the light colored walls?  I love how the solid dark color serves as a background to accentuates the floor lamp and floral design.

^Source unknown


I find the fabric and the tacks used to create the design on the fabric to be a great look . I adore what looks like piano hinges because they look like a design element in themselves.

^Veranda May-June 2008


This screen is simple yet it provides another dimension to the room.

^Veranda July-August 2007


This mirrored screen will greatly enhances the size of this room and is a perfect accent piece.

^Veranda July-August 2007


My taste tends to go toward the more handsome look so I absolutely adore this screen. It fits in so well with the masculine decor. It looks like some elk antlers on the other side of the screen.

^Veranda April 2008


^Villa Decor by Betty Lou Phillips


The ability to see directly through this screen totally contradicts the original purpose for a screen however, it subtly defines one room from the other.

^Source unknown


This screen is purely a design element as is the one below.

^Source unknown


^Source unknown


The next five photos show different types of screen used as a back drop behind a sofa. Each screen contributes to the interior design of the room in a unique way.

^Veranda October 2007


^Nancy Corzine Advertisement


Don’t you think the pillows on the sofa work so well with the screen?

^Source unknown


^Book- Spectacular Homes of Texas by Jolie Carpenter


It is very interesting how there is art hung on the screen behind the sofa in the photo above.

^-June 2008Southern Accents May


^ Book- Spectacular Homes of Texas by Jolie Carpenter


Above is an example of how a screen can be hung on a wall as a piece of art.

^Veranda March 2008


The use of this screen creates an intimate dining setting. The fact that it can be moved gives versatility to this area if hosting a party.

^Book- Southern Style by Mark Mayfield


I find hanging the portrait of the dog on this screen to be so interesting.

^Veranda March-April  date unknown


Above and in several photos below are some ideas for using screens in bedrooms.

^Southern Accents May-June 2007


^Source unknown


^Southern Accents May-June 2008


^Southern Accents September-October 2008


^Veranda March-April date unknown


A screen is a wonderful solution for teens who have many photos of friends and families and other mementos they want to display in their room.  I also think a screen is great in a home office to hold invitations, children’s artwork, and miscellaneous information. 

^Provencal Interiors by Betty Lou Phillips


Isn’t using a screen on a patio so cool! I just love this idea!

^Niermann Weeks  Advertisement


^Veranda October 2007

The next few photos below are examples of various types of screens representing different textures and design. .


^Source unknown


^Source unknownIMG_0026

^Veranda September 2008

Did you have a favorite screen?  Do you have unique use for a screen that was not shown or mentioned?  I would love to read a comment from you!  Blessings.  …susan


Anonymous said...

They were great! Thanks for sharing. My mom has two in her house that she rotates around. Both are iron, one a little more ornate than the other. One She's using in the formal living room against the wall of windows at the back looking out into the pool to help break your eyeline so it doesn't just go completely through the room and right out the back door. It is a great addition and I can't imagine the room without it. :)

Paul Anater said...


The roman-inspired outdoor screen form NM is about the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. What a brilliant idea! Good eye!

kathleen said...

How interesting. I'd grab the one with the dog portrait. Also, the one in the garden/patio adds a lot to the space.

Jamie Goldberg, AKBD, CAPS said...

What a truly fabulous collection! Love the concept, too! Your blog is always so cool.