Monday, June 1, 2009

Paper Towel Holder Options

An essential item found in almost all kitchens is the paper towel. For years the paper towel holder was mounted up under the upper kitchen cabinet or on the inside of a lower cabinet door, often on the door located under the kitchen sink. Some were mounted vertically along the side of an upper kitchen cabinet next to the kitchen sink. Others were mounted on the wall directly in front of the kitchen sink as shown in the photo below.

Thinking outside of the box, someone came up with the idea to design a decorative paper towel holder that would stand vertically on a kitchen counter. These came in many finishes and styles and are still quite popular today.

In recent years, I have seen several more approaches to paper towel holders. One friend of mine has hers mounted in a drawer on her island. She told me when she built her dream home she knew she did not want to be able to see the roll of paper towel. Another friend had a cubby hole in her island for the paper towel holder. On the Neiman Marcus website which is listed below, I saw a decorative paper towel holder that stands on a kitchen counter and the paper towel is mounted horizontally between two roosters.

Which of these options shown below would you choose in your dream kitchen? Do you have another option you have used or seen that you would like to share? Please leave me a comment.


^A clever way to hide the paper towel yet make it easily accessible is to  mount the paper towel holder in a cubby hole under the kitchen counter. Visit Misti’s Studio M Design post to see another photo of a paper towel holder located under the kitchen counter.  Click here.

(Please contact me if you know the source of this photo and I will list it.)


^Above and below is a photo of my friend’s solution to storing the paper towel in her kitchen. It is a great solution for hiding the paper towel, however, I often reach for paper towel when my hands are wet or have food on them which means when I open the drawer to reach for the paper towel, the drawer front and hardware would get wet or dirty.



^In the kitchen shown above, the paper towel holder is mounted on the wall above the sink for all to see.

Photo above from 301 Stylish Storage Ideas by Better Homes and Gardens


^The typical under the cabinet mount is shown above.

Photo above from the Kitchen Idea Book by Joanne Kellar Bouknight


^The above decorative paper towel holder is part of the Jan Barboglio Collection, which can be found in many fine decorative accessory stores as well as on the Neiman Marcus website.  Jan lives part time in Mexico where she designs her line and the other part of her time in Dallas where her corporate office and warehouse is located. I have know Jan for over twenty years. Years ago I sent her a sketch of a paper towel design for her to consider in her line. I had not realized she had used my suggestion until I received a box in the mail with the paper towel holder shown above inside and a thank you note. It comes in the original Jan Barboglio rustic finish shown above or in the new stainless steel finish shown on the Neiman Marcus website which you can view by clicking here.  If you go to the website and click on the Jan Barboglio Collection paper towel holder shown, other options for paper towel holders sold online by Neiman Marcus will pop up. For bunny lovers, there is a vertical decorative holder with bunnies. Arthur Court has one and you can also see the one with roosters that I mentioned above.  Blessings.  …susan


Misti said...

I love your design Susan! That is great to have your design become a reality. Thanks for the link today; I thought the paper towel in a drawer space was just the most clever idea! Still trying to figure out which one to use here. LOL!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness ... I LOVE the idea of hiding the paper towel holder under the countertop on the end of an island or something! I hadn't ever thought of that! I don't like having it on the countertop even if it's in a pretty holder and I don't like it installed under the upper cabinets thought those ideas are much better than having to open a drawer with sticky fingers. YUCK. Thanks for the ideas!

Anonymous said...

sorry ... *though* not thought.

Cote de Texas said...

I love this!
my paper towels resides under the sink laying all over the place!!!

btw - you were wrong!
daughter is the buatta house
mother is the contemporary one. :(
mother is married to an ex mayor of houston!

Julie said...

Paper towels are ugly and should be hidden in drawers! I love this idea!! ha ha ...

kathleen said...

You've shown some wonderful ideas. Wish I'd had your expertise when my kitchen was being designed.

My roll of paper towels sits on top of the counter...oops.

Laura Casey Interiors said...

SO clever under the countertop! Great idea!

Adrienne @ Susan Palmer Designs said...

Love the paper towel holder mounted under the counter in a nook ... a great idea that is at a good height for little kids!