Monday, September 7, 2009

Kitchen: Vertical Storage Option Series Part Four – Tablecloths and Table Runners

Welcome to Part Four of my Kitchen: Vertical Storage Option Series. If you missed parts 1-3, click here, here, and here to view.  This post will focus on vertical storage for tablecloths and table runners. Traditionally, these have been stored in a drawer or on a shelf in a linen closet. Doesn’t it  seem that the one you want to use is always located on the bottom of the stack? 

In the photos below you can see why storing these vertically is a much better option. First, you can see what you are looking for. Second, when  retrieving the one you want to use, you can do so without disturbing the others. And third, by hanging the tablecloths or runners over the bar, you will have less wrinkles. 

Though I have not seen placemats stored vertically, it seems like this say type storage option would work well for the cloth placemats and those made of flexible material. I am sure a talented cabinet maker could come up with a design with clips for hanging those that need to hang straight.  Blessings.  …susan


In the photo above, the tablecloths and runners are hung perpendicular to the pull out. Below, the tablecloths and runners are hung parallel to the pull out. Which do you prefer and why? 


Source of these two photos is unknown at this time. If you know the source, please contact me and I will note it.


Julie said...

I have not been able to sit and enjoy blogs for a long time...because of my sugery and the meds. I am playing catch up now!

What a cool idea, especially for antique linens!

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

That is a great idea for a built-in. My mother could really use this in her home. She has linens for every occasion!

Thanks for stopping by Susan. I miss you!


Maria Killam said...

That is so great Susan, I am in desperate need of space to store my placemats. I so need a big functional kitchen! Excellent post!

Fort bonifacio condo said...

What a clever way of arranging and style of storage. I like this very much.

Volunteer opportunities said...

Fantastic! I love how your creative mind works. This is just awesome! now i have to rework my kitchen to look like this.