Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kitchen: Vertical Storage Option Series Part Two – Cabinet Vertical Storage

Welcome to Part Two of my Vertical Storage Option Series. To see part one, click here. Part two will focus on vertical storage shelves located in cabinets. As shown in the photos below, these can be found in upper and lower cabinets.  I am joining Julia’s Hooked on Friday blog party.  Click here to join her party. Enjoy!


^Above is an example of vertical storage behind a lower cabinet door. I like the width of the compartments as well as the fact a narrower piece of wood is used as the divider. 


^Above, it appears this cabinet is located above the refrigerator.  Being tall, that would not be a problem for me but a shorter person may need a step ladder. I like the generous amount of compartments and the width of these compartments. I also like having a couple of horizontal shelves above.


^In the photo above, I do like the pull out method for storing these platters and trays, however, I think that this design could be improved by having the cabinet door attached to the front of the pull out. In the use shown above, you would have to fully open the cabinet door in order to pull out the the wooden apparatus holding the platters. That makes it a two step process. I  am wondering if you have to bend down and grab onto the lower front piece of the apparatus to pull it out? Comments anyone?


^ Looking at the photo above and seeing the open drawers next to the vertical tray storage, it appears this homeowner likes open drawers and shelves. My personal preference is to have a cabinet door hiding the trays. I think the thickness of the solid wood dividers is over kill.


^The illustration above shows several options for vertical storage which include wire dividers, short wood dividers, wooden dowel dividers, and solid wood panels.

Source of these illustrations is the book Kitchen Storage Ideas. The sources for the photos in this post is unknown at this time. If you know the source, please contact me and I will note it. If I run across the source, I will add it.

After publishing the first post in this series, I ran across this photo below which fits that post. I decided to add it here.  This pull out drawer holding vertically stacking platters and trays is very functional. Unlike the photo shown in the first post, this one has solid wood dividers instead of wooden dowel rods. I would recommend heavy duty drawer runners for this particular drawer due to the weight of the drawer itself and the items stored in it.


Your observations and comments are welcome!  Blessings.  …susan


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

OOOOH Susan! I will tell you...when we re-did the kitchen, THAT was one of my favorite elements! Seriously!

Just do it folks,this woman knows of what she speaks!

Why S? said...

I wish my kitchen designer had suggested the vertical option.

Thanks. Great post. This is my first visit. I'm here via Hooked on Fridays.

Anonymous said...

I definitely like the pull out drawer option being able to look down at the items rather than having to bend down to look into a lower cabinet. I guess that's why I like drawers for the pots and pans as well. Thanks for sharing!

Terry said...

Very nice. We got just one vertical "thing" and it's so good. Drawers/verticals must be great in the kitchen.

DesignTies said...

I like vertical storage. We have a cupboard next to the oven where I keep cookie sheets, pizza pans, and cooling racks. It would be so much easier to keep them organized if the cupboard was set up like these ones. The vertical storage in the first picture of the red cabinet would be perfect in my cupboard :-) Maybe another project to add to hubby's to-do list ;-)

Kelly @ DesignTies