Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mountain Homes-Bedrooms

Welcome to part five of my Carolina mountain home series which features five beautiful bedrooms. These are presold homes built by my son-in-law, Ray Foral of Ridgeline Construction Group, Inc in The Cliffs Communities located in the Asheville, NC and Greenville, SC area.  To see the first post, click here. Second post, click here,  third post, click here, and fourth post, click here.


Isn’t this bedroom warm and inviting?  I love the green walls and the large window seat with the storage drawers below. I am a fan of large bedside tables with drawers especially in the master bedroom.


This is my favorite of the bedrooms shown in this post though the previous bedroom is a close second. I am especially fond of the large window panes in this bedroom. The black and white toile fabric with the touches of yellow in the pillows and bench and the natural light give this room a bright and happy feel. 


When I look at this photo I see two’s; two lamps, two bedside tables, two benches at the foot of the bed, a pair of pictures on the wall, two pairs of pillows on the bed, and two pairs of windows. It is a good example of why odd numbers are important.  I do like the ceiling, especially the large timber. I could see myself working on my blog sitting in the chair with my laptop in my lap, my feet on the ottoman and a wonderful window view. 


Wouldn’t you like to stay in this lovely guest bedroom. I like the wall color and the fabrics. Personally, I am not a fan of matching bedroom furniture but it seems to work well in this room. . Instead of both sets of wall art being pairs of prints, I would have preferred in one of the areas a larger single piece. A mirror over the dresser might have been a good choice with only one mirror.  


This amoire and chair are in one of the bedrooms.  Warm mountain colors accent this bedroom.


I am not sure if this is a powder room or the bathroom for a guest bedroom.  I like the sink and faucets being a rustic mountain look.


From the functional side of me, I am a big fan of drawers under bunk beds. I like them large and deep enough to hold a piece of luggage. It helps keep a room tidy. I like that each bed has a sconce on the wall for reading. There appears to be a tv built into the wall at the foot of each bed. How lucky for the grandchildren!  I like the shelf at the head of the bed which provides a place for an alarm clock, a book, tv remote control, etc. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. One more to go in this series which will feature patios and porches. Blessings.  …susan


Design Esquire said...

I love these rooms! I really like the first bedroom, and then the room with all he bunk beds. By the way, I love this series.

mwatkins said...

I love this series! I am currently building a mountain home and love all of the ideas. I wonder if you would by chance do a post on homes with rock, brick and timber...just a thought! (I'm having trouble picking out my rock and brick combo. Not to mention roof color...contrast or blend? Who knew this would be so hard!)

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Susan, thanks for coming by. I'm sure you can do the dimmer switch changeout, believe me I'm not a master electrician either. Give it a try!

I LOVE that toile bedroom on this post! Gorgeous.

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

Hi Susan! It's been so long!!!!! I do apologize for not visiting lately. I haven't checked my dashboard in weeks! Trying desperately to finish this MT course. I miss our talks, and miss your wonderful posts, too.

The bathroom picture with the wooden countertop and rustic sink are to die for! So up my alley. Thanks for showing such gorgeous places!

Come visit sometime. I only post about once or twice a week these days. Hopefully, in September or October things will be back to normal for me.


Shannon said...

Thanks so much for posting this series. I am loving all of the gorgeous rooms. It is helping to inspire me in our home. I especially loved the kitchen post!

Jamie Goldberg, AKBD, CAPS said...

Really nice rooms -- especially love first bedroom and rustic bath. Thanks for sharing.

Angel Adams said...

I love this...I am currently building my own home, I think I already have a picture of the master's bedroom...thank you very much for posting this!