Monday, August 10, 2009

Mountain Homes-Patios & Porches

Welcome to part six and the last of my Carolina Mountain Homes post. These are presold homes built in The Cliffs Communities in the mountains of North and South Carolina in the Asheville and Greenville area. My son-in-law, Ray Foral, was the builder. His company is Ridgeline Construction Group, Inc. out of Greenville, SC. 

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^In the photo above, Phantom screens were used so the homeowner could make this area a screened in porch or raise the screen and enjoy an open air porch. The home sits up on a ridge overlooking the golf course. Isn’t this a great place to gather by the outdoor fireplace with family and friends while using the built in grill. 


^The photo above and below are of the same home in the first photo but taken at a different angle. The photo below has the Phantom screens raised.

In the  photo above, the windows to the far left are the master bedroom. In the middle are the Nano doors that open into the living room. The glass doors to the far right leading into the home from the porch take you into the dining room and just beyond it is the kitchen. 


^What a beautiful view of the golf course and mountains. This photo makes this porch area appear a bit squatty but the ceilings are tall and gorgeous and the porch area is expansive. To the left of the fireplace is a screen door that leads to a small patio area. If you look at the far left of this photo you can see vertical tracks for the phantom screen which gives you the ability to screen in the porch if the bugs are out.


^The location of this fire pit provides great views of the golf course as well as sunsets. Unless the wind is blowing towards the home, this fire pit is located far enough away to avoid the smoke becoming an issue in the home.


^Wouldn’t you like to be sitting in this infinity pool/hot tub watching the sun set? That a lake with an island below.


^Because of the beautiful views that can be seen from this home, there are plenty of exterior gathering places so those views can be enjoyed.


Notice the Nano pocket door peaking out just to the right of the fireplace which when each Nano door is open, allows this patio area to flow into the home

Below are photos of my son-in-law, the home builder, with my daughter and their two children!





Shannon said...

Just gorgeous!! Your son in law is a very talented builder!

Design Esquire said...

Wow, I love these outdoor spaces. They are just beautiful, and become an extension of the home. I love the candid photos of your daughter's family too, they look like a fun group!

Anonymous said...

LOVE those homes! My father is a luxury home builder down here in Florida and I've grown up with new home construction (plus, we've always bought old and renovated) so I'm a big fan of home design. Thanks so much for sharing! I also enjoyed the pictures of your family! So beautiful!

Zuniga Interiors Design Studio said...

Hi Susan! What gorgeous photos and talent! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope you are doing great!

Zuniga Interiors

Kathleen said...

Phantom screens for porches are a wonderful idea.

You have a beautiful family, too. They look really happy.