Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mountain Homes-Family Rooms

Welcome to part four of my Carolina mountain series post which features four family rooms. Click here to see part one, here to see part two, and here to see part three of the series. 

These are homes built in The Cliff’s Communities by my son-in-law, Ray Foral of Ridgeline Construction Group, Inc. of Greenville, SC.


^Isn’t this family room inviting, especially on a winter night!  I like the size of the fireplace, mantle, and hearth.  Also, I like the stone design of the fireplace opening surround.  The timbers used as headers over the door and hallway are a nice detail.  The four club chair seating with the fabric covered coffee table create a warm area to gather around the fireplace. Wouldn’t you like to curl up in one of those chairs with a good book? At the top of the stairs is the front door and side windows which cast some natural light to this basement area. 


^Another delightful place for family and friends to gather is in the basement in the photo above. At the far end is a card table along with a generous sized counter with cabinets above and below.  I can see multiple uses for this counter area. It could be used as a bar, kitchen bar, and if someone in the household is working on a volunteer or school project, this would be a great area to spread out.


The views off the back of this home are spectacular and with the four panels of Nano doors, this homeowner gets maximum use of the views. The windows above the Nano doors bring in natural sunlight as well as give you an upward view. I am not sure what is on the other side of the windows to the left of the fireplace, but I wish that wall had vertical windows so that a person sitting on the sofa could see out.


^This photo was taken from the patio looking inward into the home. This living room and dining room were previously shown from a different angle in part two of this series that featured dining rooms.  The black rails in the top of the photo are part of the Nano glass doors and Nano screen doors.  The lens of this photo make them appear more prominent than they are in person.

Which of these family rooms do you see you and your family or you and your friends gathering? Come back to see part five and six of this series. Blessings.  …susan