Friday, September 11, 2009

Kitchen: Vertical Storage Option Series Part Five – Flatware, Dinner Plates, & Glasses

Welcome to Part Five and my final post in my Kitchen: Vertical Storage Option Series. To view parts 1-4, click here, here, here, and here respectively.

As you scroll down, you will see photos of flatware, dinner plates, and beverage glasses using vertical storage options.  Some of these photos have been seen in my previous post on flatware storage and dinner plate storage. Enjoy!  …susan


The main point to consider when storing flatware in a vertical drawer is the height of the various pieces of flatware that you own. In the photo above it appears there is a horizontal slot for serving pieces.  You drawer front can be a single deep one like the one shown above or it can look like the photo below which is designed to look like two drawers but in actuality is only one.

^Source unknown- if you know the source and email me, it will be noted.



^Source: Southern Accents Magazine Sept./Oct. 2008

dinner plate storage 01_0005 

Vertical storage for dinner and salad plates can be within a cabinet door as shown below or on an open shelf shown above. This storage option offers an interesting look in a kitchen or butler’s pantry. It does take up more space and if you do not use the dishes often, they will collect dust.  Cleaning between the slots can be challenging though I am sure an expert cabinet maker can find a solution to that problem.

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Instead of standing stemware and other beverage glasses on a shelf, the photo above uses the stem on the glasses to hang them. Another option shown below is storing stemware and beverage glasses in a drawer. The drawer is a great solution when a kitchen or bar does not have upper cabinets. It would also work well for a handicapped person. 

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Glasses in a drawer_0002

^Source unknown-if you know the source and email me, it will be noted.


mining jobs said...

It looks beautiful and stylish on vertical position. However it is space consuming.

J.Covington said...

Susan - I loved this post. Funny, the other day I spent an hour in a kitchen remodeling showroom ogling all of this and poof! Here it is again. Just great design and practical.

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing them.