Thursday, October 22, 2009

Counting My Blessings!

Well, I am back in Nashville after spending several days with two of my grandchildren- my daughter Suzy’s children. While working out this morning a friend asked me what was making me so happy- noting that I appeared to be glowing. I quickly replied- “I just spent a few days with my grandbabies and that always fills me up with love and happiness!”

Below are my two youngest grandchildren, Blake and Allie. They are modeling their new tote bags before heading to school. Their fraternal grandmother made these for them. Lucky they have Robyn, as sewing is not a talent of mine. Robyn has taught my daughter to sew. Suzy made Allie’s dress as well as Blake’s matching pants.  In the pumpkin farm photos further down, check out the monogramming/embroidering on their t-shirts. Suzy bought a monogram machine and is having a great time personalizing their clothes.  She said Allie’s monogramming took 23 different thread color changes!


Blake is 15 months old and Allie is 27 months old. That equates to one year and two days apart in age. Allie insisted on wearing her red rain boots even though it was not raining. She looks so cute in them!


Blake is so proud of his bag with all kinds of balls on it.  He has not yet had his first haircut.

DSC_0146 DSC_0146

With big sister Allie is leading the way, they headed for all of the action going on at the pumpkin farm.


I am actually hiding behind Blake holding him up so he can peer through the Cool Bus window.


There were lots of homemade creative activities for the children to do. Allie loved jumping on the tire tube.


Blake made some new friends at the pumpkin farm.


He loved sitting on the pumpkins moving from one to another.


You can pick apples from apple orchard.  Allie sure enjoyed hers.


My daughter, Suzy, and her daughter, Allie.


Grandmommy and Blake!


Grandmommy and Allie!

Yes, I count my blessings- Allie and Blake being two of them!  …susan


Shannon said...

You have the most adorable grand babies ever! You are truly blessed.

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Cuties! They would have a great time with my little boys. We were in Nashville last weekend and had a great time (but cold!!!).

Design Esquire said...

What beautiful photographs! Everyone looks so happy.

Anonymous said...

Oh ... My ... Goodness ... ADORABLE! Love the pics! Looks like y'all had a great time!

Susan Lang said...

Thanks to all for the heartfelt comments!