Friday, October 23, 2009

My Other Blessings

The month of October proved to be a good month for me because I was able to spend time with all four grandchildren, though not together. Because they live in different states it is not very often that all are under the same roof. But when I am able to be with all four at once, it is a wonderful type of chaos. The four of them were born in a three year period almost to the day.

I recently did a post on Pass Christian, MS rebuilding after Katrina. It was on that trip that I spent time with my son Hastings’s two boys, Peyton and Parker shown in the first few photos below. 


^I introduced Peyton and Parker to water balloons.  For two days I filled the balloons with water and tied them off. Peyton and Parker had so much fun throwing them at each other and just busting them on the driveway.  Here is a photo of Peyton, who turned four years old in July with his balloons.


^Above are my grandsons who are brothers. Parker will be three in February and Peyton turned four in July.  Although my daughter-in-law does not sew, she does find great fabric from which to have matching shorts and pants made for  the boys and then has embroidered designs complimenting the fabric sewn on their shirts. As you can see in the photo below, their shorts have tractors on them so this tractor embroidery compliments the fabric.


^Parker on his riding toy at his home in Ridgeland, MS which is in the Jackson, MS area.


^About two weeks ago, Parker came to visit me in Nashville. Peyton was going hunting with his dad, so he did not join him.  We went to the park to feed the ducks and geese. He had so much fun throwing the bread into the water and watching them eat it. To be honest, I had fun as well.


^Parker saw this fish at the park and decided to climb aboard! 


^In an old-fashion park swing.


Two days in a row we went to the gym so he could play basketball. He is obsessed with playing basketball. He shoots hoops all the time at home- both inside and outside! Although the goal is quite a bit taller than him, I was amazed at how often he made the shot (35% of the time).  He is so determined and so focused. After an hour of constant shooting, I had to bribe him to leave.


^Looks like two points to me!

I plan to be getting back to my posts on designing your dream home and spiritual and inspiration quotes real soon.  Please keep checking back.  I hope you have enjoyed seeing all of my grandchildren “blessing”.   …susan