Friday, October 30, 2009

Storing Wine In Your Kitchen Series: Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of my series Storing Wine In Your Kitchen.  To see Part One, click here. This post will feature ideas for storing wine in your kitchen’s upper cabinet area. Enjoy!


Source of photo unknown.

^Though there is no custom cabinet work for wine storage, this homeowner found an area on top of their upper cabinet that works well for wine bottle storage. If you like this idea, you need to make sure there is an appropriate amount of space between your upper cabinet and the ceiling to place wine bottles. You could work with your cabinet maker to come up with an inexpensive design to tilt the bottles in order to keep the cork wet and to prevent them from rolling around when a bottle is removed. Note that in this particular photo the ceiling is vaulted.


Source of photo unknown.

^In the photo above, a small area above the refrigerator could have easily been wasted space with decorative wood panels applied.  Don’t you think taking that space and creating storage for 24 bottles of wine was an excellent idea?



Source of photo unknown.

^In the same vein as the previous photo, a homeowner took what could have been an easily wasted space and created vertical storage for wine.


Source of photo: The Smart Approach to Kitchen Design by Susan Maney

^Instead of using the space for an open shelf, in the photo above, this homeowner created a wine storage area which holds 15 bottles of wine.


Source of photo: Kitchen Ideas That Work by Beth Veillette

^Can you believe 40 bottles of wine fit in the space shown above? 


Source of photo: The Smart Approach to Kitchen Design by Susan Maney

^The picture above does not tell the whole story because we cannot see how high the wine storage goes nor how far across.  What we can see is storage for at least 24 bottles of wine with at least six vertical cubby holes for mail and other correspondence. 


Source of photo unknown.

^After seeing the first photo of this post, another option for this homeowner would have been to create a single row for wine storage above the refrigerator in the narrow wasted space. This could have been in addition to the storage shown above or in place of the storage shown. However, I do like the aesthetic look of the wine storage in the photo above.


Source of photo unknown.

^In the photo above one has the option of adding cabinet doors, either glass or solid.  Cabinet doors would give them the ability to lock the cabinets, see illustration below. I like the fact that the cabinet designated for wine is at the end of the counter and near the living area which keeps the person retrieving wine out of the kitchen work area. Isn’t this an interesting home with a tree trunk in the kitchen?


^In a friend of mine’s kitchen shown above, a wine rack was built into an area above the mircowave and oven. Though a nice look, the heat that escapes when the oven door is opened might not be the best thing for the wine.

Wine storage illustrations from my



Your Dream Home






IMG_0016 Check back to view Part Three of my series. It will focus on options for storing wine underneath the kitchen counter. Blessings.  …susan


Paul Anater said...

Great series Susan. One word of caution though. Before designing wine storage above an appliance, stop! Appliances generate a lot of heat and long-term wine storage in high or fluctuating temperatures is a recipe for bad wine!

Design Esquire said...

Great series! I really like your suggestions.

Susan Lang said...

Paul, you made a very good point about the heat appliance motors generate. Thanks!