Thursday, February 12, 2009

What is the most basic information a residential client should be ready to give their architect?

If you have a goal of building a functional and beautiful home that fits your lifestyle, you must be willing to do your part in identifying your needs. Before meeting with your architect, create a basic fact sheet to take with you. This should include the following information: your budget, the approximate number of square feet, break ground date, and move-in date. Do you want a single level home or a two or three story home? If a multi-story home, do you want the top floor to be a complete floor with an attic above or the top floor to be located within the roof with dormers? Do you want a basement or attic? Name the rooms you want in your home including the approximate size of each room if you know it. Note which level of your home do you want each room located. For bedrooms, list the occupant(s) by name, size and number of beds in each room, and if there will be a bathroom attached. Do you want windows on your headboard wall? List all closets you want in your home and what level those closets should be located. Identify by name, age, sex, height, weight, left or righ-handed, shoe size, and special needs all occupants of the home. Additionally, identify by name, type, age, weight, indoor or outdoor pet, weight, and special needs of any pet in the family home. Building your dream home is an exciting time and an incredible opportunity. Please make the most of it by doing your homework!

The above list of information is a start, however, there is much more information I will discuss in my next blog. For your convenience, there are eight pages of basic information checklists in my book Designing Your Dream Home.


Anonymous said...

I read your book cover to cover before I designed and built my home....I would have missed so many details without your guidance. And it helped my architect as much as it did me! Thanks for all….