Monday, June 15, 2009

Spiritual & Inspirational Sunday June 14, 2009

Welcome to my Spiritual & Inspirational Sunday post…one day late. It is my hope that what you read will cause you to stop and reflect. Perhaps you will share it with a friend who is in need of reading this very scripture or quote.

The past nine days have almost bankrupted me emotionally. A wonderful friend of mine here in Nashville died after a courageous battle with cancer. I feel blessed that I had the opportunity to visit with him four days before he passed away. He was able to converse and laugh. Two days later when I stopped by again, it was a totally different situation. He was unable to keep anything down and his discomfort was heartbreaking.

In between the two visits with my Nashville friend, I learned that someone I knew well in Texas had taken his own life. I was stunned. As details emerged, I was overwhelmed with sadness. I found myself trying to get into his mind and imagine the pain he was feeling over the past few weeks which led to this decision. As his despair mounted, I wondered what those final days, hours, and minutes were like for him. I thought of his elementary age son he adored, his wife, and his mother. His death led me to talk to people I had not spoken with since moving to Nashville as together we tried to make sense out of it all.

Ironically, both were laid to rest on the same day at the same time. While I was attending the funeral in Nashville, my heart and mind were also in Texas. Following the funeral, I headed to the town of Monterey, a town mentioned in a previous post on my blog showing floral design. I worked along side a very special friend of mine in her flower and vegetable garden all weekend. This was just what I needed!

I have decided for this post I will list some quotes or statements that deal with pain as well as some quotes that remind us to live life to the fullest.  I hope you will find some inspiration. Blessings  …susan

Quotes on pain and having hope:

“Birds sing after a storm, why shouldn’t we?” Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy

“When it gets dark enough, you can see the stars”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tomorrow WILL come

God refines us through difficult situations

When you come to the end of your rope, God is there to take over

On living life to the fullest:

“Better to wear out than to rust out” Shakespeare

“Don’t die before you die”  John Hoad

Don’t leave myself out of my own life

Nothing is worth more than today


Susan said...

Dear Susan,
I'm so sorry to hear of the losses you've experienced. Tragedy always leaves us bereft and, often times, wallowing in sorrow.

I, too, collect quotes and so I'm familiar with Rose Kennedy's quote which is sweet and tender. I have several that I include with sympathy cards, one of which simply states: "When one is taken, love saves their place". Meron Reinhart

We all find solace in different ways. I will pray that the families of your friends will somehow be able to find the comfort that they need.


Donna @ dh designs said...

Susan - such sad losses for both families and friends. My sympathies to both. I hope you find some comfort from your memories.

I receive quotes via email daily and they have often provided comfort and insight. Sometimes they help me ... understand.


GrannySmithGreen said...

My goodness, I am so sorry. What a day you have had. I know you must be completely drained. You and these families will be in my prayers.

Also, please know that I do so enjoy your blog. You are very thorough and insightful. I am sorry that I don't leave that many comments. It is very encouraging as a blogger to know that someone is actually out there reading.

The post on kitchen/workspaces is quite interesting too.

Have a wonderful weekend. Matthew 28:20

Susan Lang said...

Susan, thanks for sharing the Meron Reinhart comment and for your kind and comforting words. ...susan

Susan Lang said...

Donna, God often sends me in various forms, just the quote or piece of scripture I need to read. ...susan