Monday, November 23, 2009

Bathroom Towel Storage Options Series Part Two-Furniture

Continuing my Bathroom Towel Storage Options Series, this post will focus on storing towels in a piece of furniture in your bathroom. I hope the photos shown below give you ideas for your bathroom.  Blessings.  …susan


^Source: Great Baths Collection


^Source: Villa Decor by Betty Lou Phillips


^Source: Villa Decor by Betty Lou Phillips



^Source Unknown- if you know the source and contact me I will note it.


^Source: Beautiful Baths 2009

More posts to come so please check back!


Design Esquire said...

I love that first image!

I hope you had your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

SEO Los Angeles said...

These are gorgeous and artistic way of storing bathroom towels in a cabinet.

Auckland Jobs said...

I like the idea for storing bathroom towels in a wooden cabinet it look more organic and very fresh.