Thursday, November 5, 2009

Storing Wine In Your Kitchen Series Part Four

Welcome to Part Four of my Storing Wine In Your Kitchen Series. To see Parts One, Two, and Three, click here, here, and here.

In Part Four, I am featuring walls of cabinets that serve as bars/coffee bars that are part of the kitchen area.


Source: Kitchen Ideas That Work by Beth Veillette

^The generous amount of counter space in the wall of cabinets shown above creates many uses. I could see the counter below the stained glass window being the beverage center for a buffet dinner or other gathering. Another option would be to use it for serving coffee and desserts. If having a smaller gathering, a buffet dinner could be set up there.  Of course, the entire unit could function as a bar. When entertaining you could place a tray of wine and cocktail glasses on the counter. Did you notice the wine glasses hanging under the left upper cabinet?


Source unknown. If you know the source of this photo please contact me so I can note it.

^I find the wall of cabinets in the photo above to be very functional and very attractive.  It is a combination of a butler’s pantry, a bar, and a coffee bar.  I love the symmetry in the upper cabinets. I am a fan of the appliance garage holding the coffee maker with the coffee cups stored conveniently in the cabinet above.  It appears to have dishwasher drawers or perhaps they are refrigerator drawer (bottom right side of photo). To the left of those it appears to be an ice maker. I am thinking the vertical pull out cabinet in the bottom center of the photo is for trash or it could hold whiskey bottles.


Source unknown- if you know the source of this photo please contact me so I can note it.

^I found this wall unit to be quite interesting. Instead of storing wine, this homeowner chose to store bottled water.

My hope is that the photos in this post have given you ideas for your dream home. Blessings.  …susan