Friday, November 20, 2009

A One Day Offer-

My friend, Paula Owens, is the author of a book titled The Power of 4. Paula’s book is full of information that will motivate and educate you in your quest for optimal or better health.

Paula ownefrontcover0709

Don’t we all talk to ourselves or our friends about doing better with our diet and exercise. Almost always on the first day of each month I will make a commitment in my mind that I am going to treat my body as a temple and only allow nutritionally sound foods to enter. Some months I make it the entire month other months I don’t do so well. With the holidays upon us, we will all be tempted to reach for unhealthy foods. Some of us will just give in and think I will start a diet the first of the year; others will be mindful of our choices. Either way, Paula’s book will help you now or in the new year.

Paula is offering through a one day event today (November 20, 2009) where you can buy her book for $11.33.  Click here to link to that offer.  You can check out her website as well.  

Blessings and good health!  …susan

PS  My next post will begin tomorrow- a series on storing towels in your bathroom. 


Anonymous said...

How cool. Thanks for sharing!