Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Storing Wine In Your Kitchen Series Part Three

Welcome to Part Three of my Storing Wine In Your Kitchen Series. This post will focus on storing wine below the kitchen counter. To see Part One, click here. For Part Two, click here.


Source of photo unknown.

Above and below are two ideas for under cabinet wine storage.  As noted in the first post of this series, when storing wine beneath the counter you need to take into account the stooping that is required as well as not being able to childproof when there is no cabinet door. 


Source of photo: Kitchens by Chris Casson Madden

^In the photo above, creating the wine storage was a nice use of narrow space that would have otherwise been wasted.


Source of photo: The New Smart Approach to Kitchen Design by Susan Maney

^I like the wine storage idea shown in the photo above. It appears to hold five bottles of wine deep and six bottles of wine vertically which totals 30 bottles.  Though in this particular photo the pullout cabinet is not below a kitchen counter, I included it because it could easily be made to fit below the counter. One concern I have which I cannot tell if it is addressed in this photo is if the bottles move when the cabinet is pulled out. That could be an easy remedy working with your cabinet maker.

The next three photos were in Part One of this series. I included them again because they can be used below an island or below a kitchen counter.


Source of photo unknown.


Source of photo: Kitchens by Chris Casson Madden


Source of photo unknown.

I hope you have enjoyed the series so far. There is still more to come!  Check back for Part Four which will focus on storing wine in the kitchen bar counter or coffee bar counter. Blessings. …susan


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Great storage options!


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